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01. Can I write off my Meals & Entertainment?

CRA rules for 2021 are:


Business Meals with Clients - 50% deductible (100% if purchased from a restaurant)

Office meals & snacks - 50% deductible (100% if purchased from a restaurant)

Company-wide Party - 100% deductible

Meals & Entertainment (included in compensation) - 100% deductible

02. When are my Corporate Taxes due?

Although you have 6 months to file, your payment is due within 3 months of your year end date.

03. Is it better to purchase a vehicle personally as an Owner or through the company?

In both cases, the answer comes down to which offers more advantages from a tax standpoint.

CRA allows your business owned vehicles to be 100% written off and you can claim capital cost allowances on the purchase. When purchased by Owner, you can only claim either expenses pertaining to the vehicle compared to the % of company use, or Kilometers used for business at 55 cents for the first 5000 and 49 cents per kilometer driven afterwards. And there is no Capital cost allowance. 


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